Bathroom Scenario is a fun a capella student choir that sings a wide variety of music, from the
Beatles to Disney. We don’t hold auditions, so everybody who loves singing is very welcome to join!
The members of the choir are very connected to each other, we don’t only rehearse but also organise fun activities and have drinks or play games together after rehearsal. We have several performance throughout the year including a Christmas concert, a choir competition in spring and at the end of
the year we perform a self-written and self-produced musical where there is not only singing but also

Although due to covid we can’t have physical rehearsals, this didn’t stop us. We continued singing
online and put together an amazing video of Carol of the Bells. This year’s rehearsals will continue online and instead of the competition and the musical, we will broadcast a live concert at the end of
the year. Check out “Bathroom Scenario” on Instagram and Facebook to hear and see what we’re up